Orthopedic Surgery – A Unique Career Path

Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery is a branch of medicine with many subspecialties. It is a unique career path, with many rewards. Dr. Bradford Tucker, a physician for the Philadelphia 76ers and Philadelphia Phillies, has performed successful scoliosis operations in young women. He enjoys the mechanical nature of his field and likes to work with children. Here are a few of the most common conditions treated by an orthopedist.

Injuries to the joints and bones can cause orthopedic problems. These can be caused by old injuries or over time. In many cases, these require surgical treatment, but may also require medications and physical therapy. Before surgery, your doctor will discuss your medical history and any symptoms you are experiencing. He or she will also request any previous medical testing documentation and may perform physical tests. If your condition is more severe, your surgeon may perform additional surgery to correct the problem.

procedures and surgeries

The most common orthopedic surgeries are done on the bones and joints of the body. Some procedures can be performed through small incisions called arthroscopically. However, some orthopedic procedures may need a larger incision to perform. Most orthopedic surgeons will prescribe pain medications. Patients should follow these instructions carefully. Depending on the type of surgery, post-operative therapy will help restore strength and mobility to the injured area. In addition to surgical treatment, patients may need to follow up with physical therapy after surgery.

Despite the high demand for orthopedic surgeons, the field remains competitive. Only 700 physicians in the United States complete their residency programs every year. Of these, 10% are women and 20% are members of minority groups. Currently, approximately 20,400 orthopedic surgeons are in practice in the United States, according to the Department of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook. Although the number of orthopedic surgeons is not very large, it is a growing field.

salary of orthopedic surgeons

The salary of orthopedic surgeons varies greatly. While the average income is higher than that of their physician peers, they are still paid very well. But becoming an orthopedic surgeon is no easy task. It requires a lengthy residency. Despite the fact that most medical students are eligible for an orthopedic residency, many do not receive placements. The National Resident Matching Program is a nonprofit organization that assigns medical students to residency programs.

During your initial consultation with your orthopedist, you will be asked about your medical history and current symptoms. You may also be asked to bring in previous test documentation for the orthopedic surgeon. After the procedure, you will be given some physical and medication recommendations. While your doctor will explain your options and discuss your medical history, they will likely order tests to determine the severity of your condition. Your healthcare provider will discuss the risks and benefits of each procedure.

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